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Elephant Atta

Our task

Mediareach was tasked with developing a marketing strategy for Elephant Atta brand of WestmillFoods, producing campaigns to encourage more consumer and trader engagement and to secure a good brand presence online to promote brand awareness, particularly in the South Asian community.

What we did

We have created TV and radio adverts every year for the Westmill Foods brand in which the brand’s values, ‘Health’, ‘Tradition’ and ‘Family’ have always been depicted. These adverts were created alongside multiple other TV and outdoor media campaigns portraying the bond between mother and child. Mediareach strived to bring out in all its campaigns the values held by the brand and the South Asian community celebrating their traditions.

For over 12 years we have been organising numerous trade events, experiential activities during Vaisaki, Eid, Birmingham, Leicester and London melas reaching out and engaging with 100 of thousands people in a truly meaningful way. We have organised exciting activities, such as chapatti rolling competition, given out thousands of giveaways, prizes and freshly cooked chapatti samples.

We also launched brand new website and created Social Media channels, created direct marketing campaigns via newsletter and door drops as well as exciting promotion campaigns which all proved to be very popular in a very short period of time.

What we achieved

Elephant Atta brand has been our client for the past 12 years which is the best proof that what we do for WestmillFoods has been hugely successful. Mediareach has been committed to building the Elephant Atta brand and as a result have secured and maintained Elephant Atta’s position as Britain’s best-selling atta flour brand for the past decade increasing brand awareness by 93%. Today, it has the highest level of brand loyalty in its category.




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6th September 2016


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