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Multicultural Britain 2010


In 2003 the IPA Ethnic Diversity Group published its first major collaborative work on ethnic diversity which looked at the employment, portrayal and economic value of ethnic minorities. A sequel to this report will be published on its tenth anniversary in 2013.

The purpose of this interim report is to update advertisers and their agencies on the rapidly expanding multi-cultural landscape of the UK; both as a potential employer and a market place. There is an overview of population data as well as an outline of Black, Asian and Eastern European media and explanation of the complexities of marketing to different cultures.

The IPA is grateful to the members of the IPA Ethnic Diversity Forum for their continuing work in this area, and in particular on this interim report. We are particularly grateful to Trevor Robinson, OBE, for his foreword, and to the two chapter authors, Saad Saraf and Sanjay Shabi, for their contributions.


Multicultural Britain 2010 Report