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The New Britain


Two years ago the IPA published 2012 Multicultural Britain, a first look at the 2011 ONS Census Data to show how Britain’s demographics are changing and that more and more people are making Britain their home.

The ONS Census now records 18 ethnic groups in five broad categories. After White, the largest groups in ascending order are Asian, Black, Mixed and Other. There are also 60 smaller ethnic and national groups making Britain their home.

here is a wealth of information for marketers to get to grips with:

“The black and minority ethnic (BME) population in the UK has more than doubled in the last 30 years and is expected to have doubled again by 2045.”

“The top five countries of origin in the last five years include Lithuania, Poland, Romania, China and the Philippines.”

“One-in-four babies has a mother born outside of the UK.”


The New Britain Whitepaper