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Why Are BAME Millennials At Greater Risk Of Job Uncertainty And How Can Brands Help?

A recent survey of 21,000 21-36 year old workers found that 86% of them said that job security is a high priority when looking for employment. Despite those findings, millennials from a BAME background are 47% more likely to be on a zero-hours contract, meaning...

More Than Representation, Culturally Diverse Teams in Ad Agencies Are a Matter of Competitiveness

For UK ad agencies, diversity and inclusion go far beyond doing the ‘right thing.’ Research has found that companies with culturally and ethnically diverse teams are 33% more likely to financially outperform than the industry median. And while marketing agencies in the UK have come...

Contextual personalisation: What it means to be CX centric in 2020

In today’s digital world, customer journey alone is not enough to generate loyal consumers and brand advocates. Adapting to a wide variety of experiences through the understanding of different contexts, particularly in the field of multicultural marketing, is the real path to a better...

Deep Dive: Multicultural Representation in the UK’s FTSE 100

Multicultural representation at the board level is not a matter of optics; it’s what allows UK companies to remain competitive around the world. As Sir John Parker, Chairman of the Parker Review Committee explains, it increases “alignment of the Board with its customer base at...