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Media Partnership


Media Partnership


After Media Reach’s very successful campaigns on Radio in partnership with the UK government from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic the UK government wanted to create a Community TV Partnership.
By definition, they wished to form a partnership between the UK Government, the NHS and various television networks. International TV network channels alongside National, faith based , community and regional specific channels would all take part in response to COVID-19/Health issues and provide key messages to BAME communities and faith group audiences in the UK.
From Day 1 the client’s objectives were clear. They wanted to achieve the following:
• Create Covid-19 vaccine confidence amongst the public • Increase intention to receive the COVID-19 vaccine when you are invited.
• Assure people of the rigorous clinical trial process that underpins the safe release of any vaccine.
• Build an understanding of the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out programme.


This project was the first of its kind.

Never has once media agency single-handedly briefed, produced and ensured the airing of a unanimous government message on more than twenty television channels with languages ranging from Hindi to Portuguese and Mandarin to Urdu.

Our intention was to ensure the seamless production and execution of all television adverts by creating strict timelines and working continuously around the clock with production teams and channels from the UK and across the world. Our aim was to ensure that each piece that was created resonated with the government’s message and was conveyed with the highest production quality and best presenters/influencers to reach the maximum number of people in their mother tongue and in a manner that would be the most effective.

“Some of the TV adverts we created went viral on social media.”


Within the agreed timeline, amid lockdown restrictions, different time zones and multiple languages we were able to create a range of television adverts that were line with exactly what the UK government wanted to achieve.

We were able to work directly with the channels and their production teams to create a television community partnership which historically has never been achieved before Media Reach were at the helm.

All of the channels taking part united together to create a project that was viewed by millions, praised and appreciated by viewers and the wider communities across the United Kingdom and internationally which is a tremendous achievement.


To create bespoke content in 8 different languages (English, Polish, Mandarin, Gujarati, Urdu, Bangla, Turkish, Russian) with 30 titles on a weekly basis on important government messaging on COVID-19 awareness & Brexit by selecting community-specific case studies & influencers to capture it.


South Asians (Gujarati, Pakistani, Bangladeshi), Africans, Jewish, Chinese, Turkish, Polish, Russian/Lithuanian.


Delivered 30 campaigns each having an approximate circulation of 400,000 and estimated readership of 1.2m. from April ’20- Dec’20 on imperative topics like NHS App, Social distancing, Mental wellbeing, COVID-19 business support, Brexit support, Vaccines, etc

Other Print Partnerships



Using relevant community voices, language and style to spread consciousness and confidence about government initiatives on COVID-19 & Brexit.


3-minute Audio Content as an Interview with 60’’ cut downs & supporting Live Reads.


12 Radio stations targeting Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, African, Polish, Filipino & Chinese communities.


Ethnic Minorities especially, South Asians and Black African & Caribbean in 11 Languages (English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tagalog, Chinese, Bengali, Pashto, Mirpuri, Polish, Urdu & Bangla)


Partnered with 12 different multicultural community radio stations to co-create content with respect to the style and tone of the community so that it resonates with them while driving relevancy as an amplification of our display advertising.

Prominent radio presenters are selected as our brand ambassadors along with the interviewers (local community voices) to ensure the correct messages are delivered with the maximum reach.

A “Freedom within a Framework” is created which means briefing and working with radio stations, presenters, local community voices together within the set of messages and rules but still giving them the freedom to speak in a natural and conversational way vs scripted and to make our content comprehensive we have chosen languages which are in-line with the language of presenters and radio programming.

Through our partnership, we have managed to place our 3-minute audio content in premium environments and in places where listeners themselves tune in to listen to.

In order to drive reach and relevancy our 3 minutes longer form audio was played multiple times throughout the weeks while 60 sec cut down version with key messages were created and run throughout the day to do that which was further supported with presenters live read.

Delivered 7 briefs on NHS APP, NHS Test & Trace, Social distancing, Self-Isolation, UK Transition (Brexit), Mental Health & Vaccines as on Dec ’20 with each campaign having approximately 700K audiences.

Other Case Studies