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Tolly Boy

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Tolly Boy

Tolly Boy is a rice brand popular amongst the Bangladeshi and among Nigerian/African communities in the UK.

Our Task:

Despite its popularity within its Bangladeshi and Nigerian market as category leader, the brand has been suffering within 2/3 rd generation’s changing pallet to basmati rice. With heavy competition in basmati rice market, the brand is losing its core customer every day. Our task was to reposition the brand to its glory. Bringing the brand values of Tolly Boy long grain to its basmati range and save the decline in brand. (Basmati And Long Grain)

What We Did:

With key insights we created two films, which encapsulated the emotions of the communities. The commercial featured the brands recently launched packaging with the campaign’s tagline ‘Bringing Meals and Families Together’. The script was made adaptable with attention to detail and nuances addressing each community to create their own Advert version.


TV Production


Tolly Boy Rice Brand, part of Westmill Foods.