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Reaching diverse customers in the festive season

Reaching diverse customers in the festive season

Reaching diverse customers in the festive season


Marketers are constantly looking for new ways to target customers and attract new consumer base and more so in a competitive economy.

Brands have been using events, shopping, holidays to position themselves in front of their target consumers and be part of the conversation.

The autumn season however is one of the most important spending seasons for the multicultural consumers as it coincides with the Holly Muslim month of Ramadan followed by Eid and the Hindu festival of Diwali where purchases are at its highest level and spending on food, drinks, clothing, healthcare, cars, technology, white goods & gifts are comparable to Christmas shopping spree.

These months of celebrations and daily events and gatherings are an ideal opportunity for brands and products to position themselves in front of consumers with the high disposable income and money to spend on premium products and in large quantities due to the size of their households and catering for the large daily/weekly gatherings.

Few brands have recognised this phenomenon and are reaping the rewards by developing new sales channels and positioning themselves as solid partners for the fastest growing market niche in the UK estimated to be 20% of the UK population in the latest census.


Often marketing to multicultural groups is treated like a topping rather than an essential part of the ingredients.


Here are few tips for brands looking to approach this market:

1)   Make an attempt to understand Multicultural culture and values

2)   In these months focus on charity and giving to coincide with the spirit of these events

3)   Put relevant greetings on your communications and media

4)   Work with community leaders and influencers

5)   Appoint multicultural marketer and work with specialist marketing experts with a proven track record

It is high time that your brand is taking advantage of this niche and being part of the conversation with the UK fastest growing and highest spending niche market now and in the future.