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Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which brands and marketers focus on specific key individuals rather than markets or audiences. Typically, influencers use channels such as blogs, video blogs, and micro-blogs to engage and communicate with their followers.

People believe a story when it is shared by someone they know, admire and trust. In other words, influencers are people who can tell your story to your audience on social media on your behalf in a more impactful way.

Thus, an influencer marketing platform allows companies, brands, and marketers track and meet their key influencers and take their help for effective brand marketing.

There are a number of software tools and paltforms that can help companies identify, recruit, and interact with the influencers. Also, influencer marketing systems can help you find and manage new and established brand advocates one platform.

Organizations can filter influencers by specific search criteria. Influencer marketing products also provide features for curating influencer-generated content, creating branded marketing materials, and tracking the performance of on-going influencer campaigns.

Therefore, by using influencer marketing software to create and manage marketing campaigns, marketers are able to leverage the influence of social influencers as ambassadors for their brand or a product.

Influencer marketing wasn’t even an industry 5 years ago. That’s what makes it such a fascinating space. It has been one of the most rapidly evolving marketing strategies, and yet in many ways it still flies under the radar in terms of big-brand recognition. There are only a handful of brands and companies that have truly gone all in on influencer marketing, recognizing the value and ROI of the new strategy.

Influencers are like stocks, and in the influencer category there are many different variables to be aware of. Finding the right influencer to represent the brand and its message is a key piece of the puzzle. It’s important that the influencer has established trust and credibility within the target space.

Some of the variables he considers while picking an influencer include:

  1. Primary social platform
  2. Target demographic
  3. Growth potential
  4. Content deliverables
  5. Contract length
  6. Contract price
  7. Cost effectiveness
  8. Personality
  9. Brand history
  10. Exclusivity duration

Companies and brands should not encourage influencers to curate content every week as their fans would stop watching them because all they’re producing is ads.

Also, sponsored activations take time and energy. They can’t just turn on the camera and post what they want. They have to review creative briefs, go through rounds of collaboration and review, make extra edits.

At Mediareach, we find it is a best to have a mixture of established as well as an up-and-coming, under-the-radar stars who can serve as effective substitutes: who produce high-quality content that is comparable with that of the big hitters, but who are generally more available and eager to make their name as marketing superstars.

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