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Tesla Cars to autonomously drive 2700 Miles

Tesla Cars to autonomously drive 2700 Miles

Tesla Cars
Within three to six months, Business Magnate Elon Musk expects his brand ‘Tesla’ to become completely self-driven and even be able to complete a journey going coast to coast across the US. Musk even goes as far to claim that Tesla could have easily already done this but it would require ‘too much specialised code’ which would be ‘gaming’. Essentially meaning, the car would only be able to complete a single route coast to coast, with no other automotive functions.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International) claims there are 5 steps to creating a completely driverless vehicle, with the 5th stage being completely automatic driving. Currently, no commercial cars are above level 2 which means there are driverless features, but the driver must be prepared to take control of the car at all times, this includes features such as Cruise Control and Lane Centering. But of course, this kind of technology only works in the correct conditions such as being on a motorway.

Musk claims his Tesla Cars will be Level 4 worthy after completion, which is a whole 2 stages further than ever reached before. This means the car is practically autonomous but is limited to its Operational Design Domain (OOD), meaning it’s limited to its built in functions and nothing else. A level 5 car is capable of performing outside of its circuitry and is comparable to that of a human.

Skipping a whole stage is a rather bold claim by Musk and there is a lot of controversy surrounding the topic. Until stage 5 driving becomes reality, there is a fear that humans won’t be competent enough to prevent an accident when they haven’t even been paying attention to the road for the last 4 hours. Tesla Model S drove straight into the back of a white lorry after mistaking it for clear sky, which killed the driver who was watching a film and couldn’t react to situation fast enough. Fans of Tesla continue to sign up for the next model however, putting the blame on human error as opposed to the cars technology, with it being only a level 2 model.

Following this, Mediareach has developed an Automotive Insight Report, featuring all the latest stats about the industry; with driverless technology being a huge player in the market. This will be a huge benefit to anyone working closely with the automotive industry and we strongly suggest giving it a read

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