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UK schools trial use of police-style bodycams

UK schools trial use of police-style bodycams

Bodycams-in UK schools
With the use of police bodycams on the rise, it seems the technology may soon make its way into the school system.

Last month two UK schools trialled the use of police-style bodycams for teachers in an effort to resolve problems in the classroom. The teachers of two UK secondary schools have decided to trial the technology as they are said to be “fed up with low-level background disorder” according to a criminal justice academic. Thus the wearable cameras are being trialled as a both a means to deter bad behaviour and also as an opportunity to record positive learning in the classroom.

Principal lecturer at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth, Tom Ellis, has said the teachers may use the cameras to film “when necessary”.

Meanwhile the cameras, worn by police, parking wardens and even school crossing-patrol officers in Britain, has been used in schools across the US since 2015.

Ellis believes most schools experience some form of low-level background disorder in classrooms that affects teachers’ ability to carry out lessons without disruption. Though he stressed that filming would only occur “when it is legitimate, proportionate and necessary” and would not act as a form of surveillance.

The scheme shall last three months and will securely store the camera footage on a cloud platform, similar to that of the one currently used by police forces.

Though the initiative has received some criticism from Big Brother Watch research director, Daniel Nesbitt. He argues the intrusive technology may lead teachers to snoop and is an over-the-top response to an age-old problem.

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