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Why Video Marketing Should Be Part of Your Business Strategy – And Tips To Get Started

It’s no secret that video marketing is booming right now. As of this year, 86% of businesses use video marketing, with 96% of them considering it a key part of their business strategy. If you haven’t yet considered using video to promote your business, you’re falling...

How the Pandemic Highlighted the Benefits of Decentralised Companies

‘Decentralisation’ has become something of a buzzword over the past year-and-a-half. Companies have had to pivot much faster than they would have liked in order to react to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies were already exploring decentralisation and digital transformation, but...

The Rise of Instagram and Shoppable Posts During Covid-19 (and How to Integrate Them Into your Business)

As physical contact was severely limited through 2020-21, social media soon became the primary method for many people to spend time with their friends and family. The ‘new normal’ quickly became a life lived through screens and the use of social media shot up compared...

3 Reasons Why Outsourcing Video Marketing to Influencers is the Best Course of Action in 2021 & Beyond

While we hope to be moving towards a more stable marketing environment as we move through 2021, it cannot be denied that brands were forced to deal with an unprecedented number of roadblocks during the Covid-19 uncertainty of the past year and a half. ...