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Supermalt is the leading non-alcoholic malt drink that has been available in the UK and worldwide for more than 25 years. It’s alcohol and caffeine-free energy drink suitable for all ages.


The client wanted to increase consumer awareness of their brand amongst African and Afro-Caribbean communities in the UK. We were tasked to create a new marketing strategy where we would reinforce the brand’s identity and presence and be more connected with Supermalt consumers of all ages.

What we did

We developed Media, Creative PR, Digital and Experiential Strategies and Campaigns to engage and create a new appeal towards Supermalt’s current consumers and attracting new ones.

We have created Outdoor, Press and Digital Campaigns as well as Events that celebrate the fun-loving, yet nostalgic African and Afro Caribbean communities in and around London.

Posters and billboards were placed at various tube stations and on London buses, whilst product sampling and activities took place in conjunction with the largest street festival in Europe, the Notting Hill Carnival, The Brixton Splash and Afro Hair and Beauty Expo.

We’ve created a new website and presence on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter in order to better engage and interact with younger consumers with the launch of the ‘Groovie’ campaign in December 2012. From cheering on Groovie Fridays and a Groovie Easter, to winning pampering Sanctuary Spa Day gift vouchers for great mums and wives on Women’s day. The children are not left out of all the fun as we gave them a bespoke colouring books too.

What we achieved

Our campaign gave Supermalt a more energetic, youthful, refreshing and health conscious image. We had achieved greater consumer engagement during our events as well as through social media through our online competitions, as well as views and downloads on our website. We engaged with customers at the events we organised like the Brixton Splash and the Notting Hill Carnival this year allowed them to instantly identify the Supermalt brand with our highly visual designs. Even more apparent was our appeal to many young women, mothers and children, as well as media at the Afro Hair and Beauty Expo. Our product sampling initiatives have been very successful to the extent that customers were asking if they can buy extra bottles of Supermalt from us.


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