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Why Targeting Affluent Consumers is Key during a recession?

Recessions are a difficult time for any business, and companies are often forced to re-evaluate their strategies to survive. However, one demographic that companies should consider targeting during a recession is affluent consumers. First, affluent consumers are more likely to have the financial resources to weather...

Diverse Multicultural Communities (and Why You Should Target Them)

Every global business has to achieve a difficult balance: achieving an economy of scale through uniformity across markets and simultaneously serving regional and national markets. Diverse multicultural marketing, sometimes called ethnic marketing, targets audiences of different ethnicities. These audiences usually fall outside of the nation’s majority...

Attracting Diverse Talent to Your Business: Tips and Strategies

It is generally recognized that diversity in the workplace, including in leadership positions such as board rooms, is important for several reasons. A diverse workforce can bring a range of perspectives, experiences, and skills that can lead to more innovative and effective decision-making. However, research...

Multicultural Partnership Acknowledgement Awards 2022

Covid-19 is one of the humanity biggest challenges both at a personal level and devastating for many businesses and its effects will reverberate for years to come. Mediareach were honoured to be involved in raising public awareness amongst the diverse audiences in the UK of the...

Mediareach Has Won Campaign of the Year Award

We have got the "Campaign of the Year Award" at Asian Media Awards 2013. We were recognized for the campaign for Elephant Atta brand, client Westmill Food. Westmill Foods is one of Europe’s largest specialist food companies, serving the chefs and owners of Chinese, Caribbean...