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Elephant Atta

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Elephant Atta

Our task

15 years ago, Mediareach were tasked with reversing the declining sales of the flour brand  ‘Elephant Atta’. We started by doing a brand audit to identify their proposition and the issues we needed to put right before embarking on a marketing and creative strategy. Once we aligned the brand values with the customers they were targeting, we developed a brand strategy and produced a range of campaigns aimed at encouraging more consumer and trader engagement. We also needed to secure a good brand presence online to promote awareness in the South Asian community. To this day, we have continued to fulfil this promise.

What we did

We created TV and radio campaigns year on year for Elephant Atta which emphasised ‘Health, Tradition and Family’ – the brand’s core values. Our Ads portrayed the bond between mother and daughter and how cooking can bring them closer together. The family orientated South Asian community responded extremely well to this.

We continued our campaigning through numerous trade events and experiential activities such as creating a large brand presence at Melas. Once we felt our consumers were aware of the brand, we began to boost our digital presence so we started managing Elephant Atta’s Website, Social Media, Newsletters and Graphics. We quickly outpaced the brand’s competitors in securing an online audience.

What we achieved

We raised Elephant Atta’s market share and sales; making it the Number One Atta Brand In The UK in just a few short years. Brand awareness increased by 93% and we achieved the highest level of brand loyalty in South Asian food brands.

Mediareach continues to work with Westmill to boost Elephant Atta and their other brands such as Tolly Boy.  Our digital strategy involves updating Elephant Atta’s website, developing blogger partnerships and creating online promotions.

Our latest TV, Radio, Digital and Outdoor campaign has been well received; boosting Elephant Atta’s millennial following. We are committed to adapting Elephant Atta along with the demands of the UK’s South Asian community and we continue to push their status as the top Atta brand.


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