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NHS: Covid-19


Covid-19 Ethnic marketing campaign 

The government launched its nationwide public information campaign about coronavirus and tasked Mediareach with putting together a dynamic strategy to reach all non-white British residents with a number of carefully tailored and highly targeted creatives. The messaging encouraged people to stay at home if they developed any of the known symptoms for COVID-19. It came at a time of remarkable challenge to a community who have significantly higher mortality rates than their white British counterparts.

Alongside the media campaign we were briefed with developing partnerships with all major ethnic media editors to help relay government communication in tandem with mainstream media campaigns. These advertorial partnerships required daily briefings to follow what was being relayed by the government and downing street every 24 hours to ensure any change in strategic direction was immediately implemented in the campaign.

Our Strategy:

Using our internal multi-cultural database, we developed a highly effective media plan through identification and partnership of all relevant multi-cultural and ethnic media, press, radio and TV stations targeting over a dozen separate communities. Then with our highly targeted segmentation strategy, we were able to isolate the communities individually and create very relevant cultural creatives to connect and resonate with the pain points of those specific audiences.


More than 20 different creative campaigns were developed and executed in different formats on television, radio, DJ readouts, print adverts and editorials in more than 45 titles.


The campaign achieved substantial coverage within ethnic diverse audiences of all age groups, especially those at risk and were crucial in generating discussion and debate within BAME communities, households and the wider community leaders. This helped inform at-risk ethnic communities to take further precaution due to their higher than average mortality rates.