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Windrush(Home Office)


To reach the Windrush Generation (African, Caribbean and South Asian audiences) to increase the awareness and to encourage affected people to apply and register for the schemes, benefits and services.

What we did:

We developed a strong communications strategy with the mix of Press and Radio to increase awareness amongst those most affected around the UK. To create an emotional, connect and to resonate more with the audiences the live reads were planned at the prime/drive times.


The aim of this campaign was to reach out to the African Caribbean and South Asian communities throughout the UK, spreading supportive and informative messaging to all those from the Windrush generation. The main aim was to encourage more people to apply to the Windrush Compensation Scheme.

There has been a clear, emotional connection to this campaign; it has been well received and supported by the stations involved, with vast amounts of engagement. This is reflected by the sheer number of spots played by stations, with some playing 4x the original number of spots they were due to play.


It was successfully received by the Target audiences across Print and Radio platform.