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App Installs

App Installs

Our team of app specialists will guide your strategy, campaign management and optimisation based on the levers provided by you and your Mobile measurement partners. Our clients use a wide variety of measurement partners from Appsflyer to Adjust, but the key KPIs and fundamentals for optimisation along the user funnel is the same.

We specialise in Google, Facebook, Snapchat and Apple app install campaigns, ensuring greater audience penetration, driving downloads and increasing the ROI of high spenders.

Creative Iteration and Optimisation

Creative Iteration, experimentation and optimisation is core to a well functioning and successful app install campaign.

Creative fatigue is so fast on social media platforms that we work towards creative refreshes every 2 weeks, looking to improve on the best performing ads from previous bursts through strategic iterations.


 Working towards clearly defined goals and KPIs every sprint to improve core metrics from in-app purchases, retention and LTV and moving away from standard CPI benchmarks.


Google’s Universal App Campaign allows brands the ability to drive installs at scale across all of its major properties from the app store, through to search, youtube, gmail and GDN at the same time.

FB and Instagram

Drive App Installs at scale across both Facebook and Instagram using audience targeting and heavy creative A/B testing and optimisation, we have expertise in building strategies helping apps across multiple verticals scale installs for the highest quality users focused around core metrics of average revenue per user, lifetime value and ROI.


With over 16 million users in the UK alone, Snapchat offers advertisers a way to engage with a new generation of users through unique ad formats almost exclusive to the platform such as augmented lenses, location filters through to snap ads targeted at driving app installs at scale. The great thing about Snap’s app install format is that you can load the app store and download the app within snapchat without having to be redirected outside of the platform ensuring low drop off rates.

Snapchat works well for driving installs at scale as well as maintaining high LTV through segmented retargeting to users who’ve already installed the app. Furthermore advertisers can also track post-install events so that campaigns are best optimised according to the goals of the campaign.

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