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Social Media Marketing

We see both the significance and growing complexities of social media marketing. As fast as you get to grips with certain platforms or targeting methods do radically new updates change the performance of your campaigns overnight.

We work with brands according to their intended goals and KPIs, whether it be increased awareness and social chatter or more performance-related goals such as CPC, CPA, CPI, ROI and LTV.

How we achieve results

For us, rapid experimentation with creatives, copy, content and targeting are the fastest and most effective ways of achieving social media success. We can help you execute a thorough strategy on paid social campaigns on the following platforms:

While accurate and selective targeting is definitely important for social media advertising, creative design is just as important. Given the volume of ads and the attention span of the modern day mobile consumer, without an eye popping ad that is unique, straight to the point and encapsulates the brand message in 1 go then the brand faces being another unmemorable voice that is swiped past!

Mediareach has an in-house creative design team that crafts eye-catching, unique and appealing social media ads, capturing and encapsulating the brand mission, creating memorable experiences for consumers.

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