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Brewing Creativi-tea

Brewing Creativi-tea

brewing tea

Ever struggle to think of a creative idea? Go brew yourself a cuppa and think again; a new study indicates that the secret to a creative mind can be found in tea.
Tea drinking volunteers in the study immediately performed better than water drinking candidates in creative and cognitive exams. Initially, researchers believed the results to be down to the high dosage of caffeine and thiamine found in tea. However, these effects do not take place instantly and yet performance was rapidly boosted. The effect, in fact, is likely to be psychological.

Tea is likely to improve your mood and allow positivity to flow through your body. This, in turn, increases your brain’s cognitive ability. Think of it as the difference between going to work on a blue Monday or on a sunny Friday morning.

Tests in the study involved creating an attractive design out of building blocks and to come up with a ‘cool’ name for a noodle restaurant. Tea drinkers scored 6.54 and 4.11 points respectively with non-tea drinkers scoring 6.03 and 3.78 points in the challenges. In particular, tea helped divergent thinking, which is the core of creativity. The study offered ‘A new insight into the effects of food and beverage consumption and the improvement of human cognition’.

However, if this keeps you thinking, ‘Well, I drink tea all the time and I see no improvement’. Perhaps you’re simply drinking it wrong. The best way to drink tea is to:

  • Use loose-leaf tea
  • Go sugar free
  • Use soft or filtered water
  • Use boiling water
  • Let it brew for eight minutes
  • Pour it immediately into a pre-warmed teapot
  • Pour tea into the cup before milk
  • Pour the cream off the milk before use
  • Drink it in small quantities

The more effort you put into making your tea an authentic experience, the more satisfied you are with the taste and therefore your mood is improved. Sugar and creamy milk can distract from the pure taste of the tea leaves and make your authentic experience feel unnecessary and potentially even lower your mood. The higher caffeine and thiamine content in a strong tea is set to boost your creativity for longer thanks to improved focus. Through drinking tea in small quantities we feel less bloated and keep the tea warmer for longer, which is key!

Perhaps we should all try this method of tea drinking and see how it affects us at work. We drink a lot of tea at Mediareach, which could have unknowingly been contributing to our creative thinking. We will be sure to try this out and think of a cool noodle shop name while we’re at it.

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