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What Is ‘Blackfishing’ And How Can Brands Be Aware Of It In Influencer Advertising?

There has been increasing controversy over the trend of ‘blackfishing’ in influencer advertising and with celebrities. But what does this term mean, and how might brands be at risk of offending black consumers? ‘Blackfishing’ is a term that refers to celebrities or influencers who...

BAMEs At Increased Risk Of Mental Health Issues Due To Covid-19 & How Your Brand Can Help

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a detrimental impact on the mental health of people living in the UK. In a survey conducted by the charity Mind, it was found that two-thirds of people said that their mental health had worsened during the initial nationwide lockdown....

Are Multicultural Talents Adequately Represented & Encouraged at Board Level in FTSE 100 UK Companies?

As the UK population and general workforce becomes more diverse, how is this reflected in FTSE 100 companies? Do board level positions have a higher number of BAME employees in 2020 than in the past and, if not, why isn’t there more diversity at the...

Does More Diversity in Brand and Ad Agency Teams Add Value?

As the UK becomes increasingly diverse, marketing teams and advertising agencies are asking themselves whether this diversity is being accurately represented within their own industry. Why is diversity so important for the advertising industry? And will increasing the diversity of your team have a positive...

How Does The Food And Beverage Industry Make Its Way Into Diverse Markets?

Venturing into foreign markets can be a major challenge for brands, but the food and beverage industry can be particularly difficult. For any company, the first step is to adapt their branding, i.e. the logo, packaging, and in some cases, the store layout. While this...