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Another New Year, Another Chinese New Year

Another New Year, Another Chinese New Year

2015 Chinese New Year

Did you know that London’s Chinese New Year is the largest celebration outside Asia? It’s news to us too. Thank goodness we’re here to carry out all that multicultural marketing (*sighs with relief*).

So this year, the year of the Goat, the celebrations fall on 19th February and carry on until 5th March. That’s the longest public holiday in China. Now there’s a culture that knows how to celebrate. So much for bank holidays …

What’s that I hear you asking? ‘The year of the Goat. What does that mean?”

Well, dear reader, you may be aware that the Chinese Lunar Calendar is associated with the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, which has 12 animal signs. And so, as the year of the Horse comes to an end, as begins the year of the Goat.

For those of you who’s Ben Ming Nian (that’s Chinese for Zodiac Year) is the year of the Goat, here are some useful tips:
– You’re lucky numbers are those containing 2 and 7
– You’re lucky colours are brown, red and purple
– You’re lucky flowers are carnations and primroses (*ahem* Valentines Day)
– You’re lucky direction is North
– And you’re luck months are August and November

All jokes aside, we would like to wish all our clients and readers a very happy Chinese New Year, filled with health, happiness and prosperity.

Our Best Wishes,

Team Mediareach

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