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Why Arabs Love London

Why Arabs Love London

why arabs love london?

At present, there are more than 300,000 Arabs residing in London, with more than half a million spread across Great Britain. These numbers increase during the summer months by up to a million and a half visitors from the Middle East, mainly from the Gulf.

As such, every summer the British press indulges itself in repetitive articles about the fabulous wealth of Arabs visiting London, with a focus on their luxury supercars that range in value of up to £2m.

But Arabs visiting London are here for a variety of reasons, ranging from heath treatment purposes to shopping, sightseeing, investments and education. Whilst some EU and US cities are laying out the red carpets for this niche market, London must also recognise the value of these potential consumers and should capitalise on the opportunity as they may boost the city’s economy.

Similarly, the media should also focus on the economic benefit of such valuable customers who flock to London each summer; a city they consider to be their second home and in which many have apartments or children studying here. Some even have large portfolios for investments here, and it would be wise to nurture these since the UK is leaving the EU.

Here at Mediareach, we have perfected a number of strategies and tactics to help our clients target this affluent community and generate huge returns.

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