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Human Cyborgs by 2020

Human Cyborgs by 2020

Human Cyborgs ,schematic of human brain and communication via circuit-board, ar

CEO of Tesla and Space X Elon Musk Is now set to become the CEO of Neuralink with his latest goal to connect human brains with computers.

The billionaire entrepreneur has dedicated his recent years to putting forth outlandish scientific projects such as his aims to make an intergalactic human colonial species. And it looks like he’s got no intentions of slowing down in his attempts to turn Sci-Fi dreams into reality. Musk’s most recent venture Neuralink, promises to make human telepathy possible in just a few short years. The tech billionaire tweeted, ‘if somebody doesn’t do it, then I think I should do it’.

Despite all of this, Musk has fears about the future of AI and believes it could be humanity’s downfall and could ultimately lead to the extinction of our race. Musk recently followed up these thoughts at the world government summit claiming however that creating human cyborgs would actually solve part of the problem. Musk believes that the reason behind our possible extinction could be that as AI becomes more intelligent and is able to perform various tasks and jobs, humans will become less relevant. Thus, Musk expressed, ‘people need to become cyborgs to be relevant in a future dominated by AI, a merger of biological intelligence and machine intelligence’.

Musk’s latest proposal has spread a lot of controversy throughout the scientific community. Thought scientific celebrity Bill Nye (who served on the board of the planetary society alongside Musk) heralds Musk’s innovation as fantastic; ‘He and his companies are shaking things up in a great way’. Popular magazine ‘technology review’ on the other hand, brands Musk’s claim of ‘Human Cyborgs’ as ridiculous. The magazine may well be right; putting an implant into a person will take years of research before the program is approved. In 1997 an implant was launched with the aim of ending epileptic seizures by sending a slight electric shock the patient’s brain. Though created to treat a life threatening condition, the implant took 16 years to be approved.

Though Neuralink won’t be available to everyone. The implant has been specifically created to help those who have suffered from severe brain injuries triggered by a stroke. As such, it has been launched as part of medical research company funded entirely by Musk.

At Mediareach, we believe that technological innovation is essential for the progression of humankind, and that the minds of people like Elon Musk are the ones who will push us on to new frontiers. Though it may take longer than expected, we look forward to the day we will be able to see people being helped by Musk’s technology through the merging of artifical intelligence and the human brain.