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How To Target A “Smart Traveller”

How To Target A “Smart Traveller”

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Travellers now are informed, empowered and connected which has some impact on the industry. Nowadays it is all about understanding customers and interpreting their needs correctly in order to deliver personalized and excellent experience. Understanding the changing media landscape is key. Insights coupled with creative solutions are what give the brands the edge.

Mobile optimized sites and apps are revolutionizing the way in which our travelers plan, research and actually buy their holiday trip. Consumers are becoming more and more comfortable not only researching and comparing prices online but also purchasing holidays through their smart phones.  This only means that our target audience and customers have a need that you as a travel industry need to make sure you address and fulfill.


What Triggers The Consumer’s Decision Making:


Personalized interaction with the target customers: understanding the customer and predicting where they are in the buying cycle will give the brand  a competitive advantage to personalise their shopping experience and therefore, it’s paramount to make full use of customer data in order to serve them on their terms, address their needs, before the  competitors do it .

Empowered by reviews: no matter how much information is  available on  the brand’s website, the  customers will perceive it as being biased and will go to other impartial sources to check the good, bad and ugly reviews about the brand before making their choice.

User Experience: the call to action among the travel industry should no longer just be driving traffic to the website. Customers attention span has decreased and they are now looking for easy and hassle free ways to search and book holidays.  Attention should be on ensuring an easier and flexible booking experience especially on smartphones to make sure the visitors are converted into potential buyers.