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Tech start-ups to shake up Uganda.

Ugandan Techy

Tech start-ups to shake up Uganda.

On April 12th 2018, The IT ministry in Uganda held an award ceremony for IT innovators, where we were given unique insights into how the IT sector is developing. The nation will be receiving IT Hubs to offer free workspaces to young people in a hope to inspire more tech innovators. Furthermore, direct financial support will be given to individual innovators and private hubs that have solutions ready to go to market. This has lead to a gap in the IT sector for solution providers to fill by giving the expertise necessary to successfully launch these new innovations.

The judges committee at the IT ministry evaluated over 350 applications in just one session. Leader of the committee ‘Professor Anabella Habinka’ released a statement ‘To those who did not make it to the final stage please do not give up. You have already won by doing the most difficult task of taking the first step of conceiving the idea. Innovation starts with an idea. To those of you who finally managed to make the list of best evaluated innovations, today we are not just giving you financial awards as a token of appreciation. We are recognising and commissioning you to go to the market and sell your intellectual outputs’.

The Ugandan Government will be the first client for all new products. They hope to release the best innovations to regional and international markets and liberate Uganda as a net importer of IT systems and solutions.

Some of the new innovations include

  • AIMS (Academic Information Management System). This innovation is planned to launch at Ugandan Universities to digitise student information, fees, finance and other functions.
  • Kicare. This is a non-invasive solution that tests for kidney functionality without a blood sample.
  • Ocular. This is a mobile app which can diagnose microscopic diseases. The phone is connected to a microscope to search for diseases.
  • M-Farmer. This allows farmers to keep better records, improve efficiency and make informed decisions. It should help provide support through extension services, market and weather information.
  • Dero Energy. This application supports localised solar power which is a cheaper alternative to grid power. It also supports renewable energy.

Mediareach are extremely excited to see where these innovations lead and we hope to be seeing more multicultural campaigns coming our way as Ugandan Innovators begin going international. Do you think Uganda could become the world’s next tech hub?

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