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What Have We Been Up To?

What Have We Been Up To?

AAFIYAH What Have We Been Up To

It sure has been quite busy over at Mediareach. You may be thinking, isn’t it always? … Well yes, but this last quarter has been particularly busy. And here’s why: our most recent client HKScan, has kept us on our toes in preparation for the launch of their new range Aafiyah.

HKScan is one of Europe’s largest meat and poultry suppliers, and Aafiyah is its brand new halal poultry range.  Aafiyah offers a range of frozen, readly prepared halal chicken, including BBQ Drumsticks and Hot Wings.

So what has Mediareach done for Aafiyah?

After brainstorming and analysing the market alongside our client, we branded the range as one for young, traditional Muslims with time restraints of a twenty first century lifestyle. With this in mind, we designed and developed a fully responsive website and continue to carry out regular SEO and maintenance of it.  We also set up social media pages for the brand and developed a social media strategy. Our social media team manages these pages and provides regular updates. We also do blogger endorsement and regular blog posts for halal foodies.

Within just two month of the launch, the website started to have huge number of visits and the social media quickly grew its follower and fan base, over-delivering on all the KPIs.

But hang on, that’s not all, with our target audience in mind, we also developed recipes using the range of chicken and carried out recipe video production. These video recipes are quick, easy to follow and available on the Aafiyah website.

Like many, HKScan has realised that the halal range is essential amongst a growing population of Muslim consumers. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, multicultural is fast becoming the new mainstream.

Be sure to check out the Aafiyah range online or in one of 108 Sainsbury’s stores UK wide.

Till next time!

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