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Emotional Marketing: Reviewing the Power of Emotive Ads

Emotional Marketing: Reviewing the Power of Emotive Ads

Today’s market is competitive, full of good products, services, and a wide range of choices. But, the key factor that will make the consumer choose one brand over another, is emotion. 

According to Harvard professor, Gerald Zaltman, 95% of purchasing decisions are subconscious, meaning they’re based on how the consumer feels about the brand.

Emotional marketing uses feelings to make the target audience notice, remember, share, and buy a product or service, creating brand awareness and ultimately increasing sales and ROI.

The Power of Emotional Ads

Emotion-based ads may be more difficult to create, but the stats say it’s worth the effort. The Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience study revealed that ads with an above-average emotional response from consumers caused a 23% increase in sales compared to average advertisements.

However, a recent survey conducted by Brunner and the Atlanta Business Chronicle found that, while almost one-third of respondents prefer their marketing campaigns connect with clients on an emotional level, the majority of companies are not yet fully using emotional drivers in their storytelling.

The biggest issue with using poorly executed emotional ads is that they could damage the brand’s reputation on a deeper level. After all, social media outrage has made the marketing scene a minefield. To create narratives and storytelling that engages consumers’ subconscious, advertisers must study their target audience and understand what is the best emotion to connect to. 

An analysis of data from the IPA (the UK-based Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) has shown that campaigns with purely emotional content performed approximately twice as well (31% vs. 16%) as the ones with only rational content; and those that were purely emotional also did a little better (31% vs 26%) than those with mixed emotional and rational content. 

Samsung’s #IndiaReadyAction Campaign

To promote the Samsung Galaxy A series of smartphones and Smart TVs, Samsung India launched #IndiaReadyAction; an emotional ad campaign empowering Gen Z and millennials to break stereotypes about India, by capturing and sharing videos of the real India through their smartphones.

“We recently launched Galaxy A series smartphones and Samsung Smart TVs enable people to move from an Era of Selfie to an Era of Live, where people foster more authentic and meaningful connections,” said Ranjivjit Singh, former Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung India.

From this campaign, Samsung targeted Gen Z and millennials, which are not just content consumers, but are also content creators and very socially conscious. Plus they love to express themselves through video.

“For the #IndiaReadyAction campaign, we wanted to marry the social consciousness of Gen Z and millennials, their pride in India, and their newfound passion for videos. The campaign challenges Gen Z and millennials to break stereotypes and change perceptions about India in the eyes of the world. We hope their videos will be really powerful,” said Emmanuel Upputuru, Chief Creative Officer, Cheil India.

The campaign reached 161.8 million engagements on Instagram and Facebook in just 4 weeks, making #IndiaReadyAction the most engaging campaign on Instagram and Facebook in 2019. 

“At Samsung, we take pride in our understanding of what Indian millennials seek,” Ranjivjit Singh added.

Samsung India grew overall revenue over $10 billion in the 2018-2019 financial year and held the third position in Q1 2020 of market share in India.

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