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Pop-Up Retail and Experiential Marketing: Bringing Content to Life

Pop-Up Retail and Experiential Marketing: Bringing Content to Life

Pop-up shops are here to stay. Well, maybe not literally, but they have proven to be an effective marketing strategy. The pop-up industry reported $10 billion in sales revenue in 2018, as reported by PopUp Republic.

With this tactic, retailers have an opportunity to generate powerful awareness both in-person and through social media, and create memorable experiences worth sharing. All the while, turning shoppers into vocal advocates of the brand.

Customers are also attracted to exclusivity. They’re attracted to a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ type of concept.

Millennials, whose annual spending is projected to reach $1.4 trillion and account for 30% of total retail sales by the end of 2020, gravitate towards experiences. Pop-ups capitalise on just that; according to RetailExpo, 73% of UK shoppers would spend more time and money in stores that offer experiences. And over half of survey respondents in the United States have shopped at pop-up shops to find unique products and because they offer unique experiences.

If that wasn’t enough positive pop-up news, these shops are about 80% less expensive than traditional physical retail outlets and can be a cost-effective strategy to launch new products, run flexible market testing, and even enter new markets.

From Physical to Digital  

Pop-up experiences are extensively documented by consumers and influencers, creating an organic advertisement campaign that travels through valuably linked networks, effectively merging visibility and engagement across the physical and digital worlds.

In fact, according to an event tracking study, 98% of consumers create digital or social content at events and 75% of consumers say that friends’ posts about brand experiences make it probable for them to buy the brand’s products. 

Pantone Café joins forces with LG

LG Electronics and the Pantone Color Institute teamed up for a unique 3-day pop-up café to celebrate trending summer colors, in the heart of New York City’s art district.

“We do enjoy many different types of collaborations across a wide variety of industries,” said Pantone Color Institute VP, Laurie Pressman.

Café OLED married the billion-plus colors on LG OLED TVs with colorful artisan pastries and latte, allowing consumers to see and taste color in a new way.

“LG OLED TVs deliver over a billion rich, accurate colors so partnering with the Pantone Color Institute, an organization that is dedicated to opening up the world to the power of color, is a perfect color match,” explained Michelle Fernandez, who oversees brand marketing initiatives for the South Korean company in the US.

The café intended to humanise the Pantone Color Institute’s Summer 2019 colors, bringing an emotional connection into both the physical and digital space, enabling the exploration of color psychology and distilling the relationship between color and senses.

If you would like more examples of how to seamlessly integrate online and offline marketing to stimulate conversation and action, we would love to talk with you.

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