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Celebrating Maslenitsa (Pancake Day) in the UK by Russian and East Slavic Communities

Celebrating Maslenitsa (Pancake Day) in the UK by Russian and East Slavic Communities

Celebrating Maslenitsa in the UK by Russian and Slovak Communities


Maslenitsa (Мaсленица) or a Pancake Day is an Eastern Slavic Festival of Sun, which is celebrated seven weeks prior to Eastern which is also the beginning of the Lent. The festivities marked the beginning of spring and were one of the most anticipated holidays among Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Kazakh communities across the globe.

Many cities with large number of Russian immigrants consider Maslenitsa a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Russian culture. With more than 300,000 Russians living in Britain, it is not a surprise that celebrations in London are one of the biggest worldwide. Most of the Russian communities in the UK are very affluent and well of and are impertinent target audience for the  luxury good industry in London.

This year, our London hosted to numerous cultural events, which were held from 24th February to 2nd March. The main events happened on 2nd March on Trafalgar Square with lively music stage and marketplace showcasing and selling exceptional Russian art, crafts and souvenirs, while the children’s exhibition area will hold shows from the award-winning Theatre Chudaki. Additionally, as part of the tradition, one of the best highlights of the festival was the amazing Russian authentic dishes ranging from Russian beetroot soup (borsch) to such local dishes as pelmeni (Russian-style dumpling), and the most famous Maslenitsa cuisine: blini (pancakes).

It is important for people in UK to take up this chance for celebrating multiculturalism  and learn about other cultures and have fun with the people who definitely know how to party!



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