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Generation X using Social Media more than Millennials

Generation X using Social Media more than Millennials

Generation X using Social Media more than Millennials
A recent Nielsen report has found that the heavy social media user group isn’t Millennials. Generation X (those aged 35-49) was revealed to spend almost 7 hours per week on social media, whilst Millennials spend just over 6 hours per week. Meanwhile adults aged 50 and over were found to spend an average of 4 hours 9 minutes a week on social.

The findings came as a surprise to the president of Nielsen’s social division, Sean Casey, as he noted that social media is usually associated with a younger audience and in fact, is often seen as being synonymous with millennials.

The report has also highlighted how ubiquitous smartphones have become with 97 per cent of 18 to 34-year olds and 94 per cent of 35 to 49-year olds having access to a smartphone device. Additionally, 77 per cent of those 50 and older were also found to use smartphones.

In terms of social media preferences, the report listed Facebook as the most popular social network; dominating smartphone use with 178.2 million unique users as of September 2016. Instagram followed with 82.2 million unique users and Pinterest had 69.6 million users. Though a favourite with younger users, Snapchat came in sixth on the list, after professional networking site LinkedIn.

The ways in which the different generations used the social platforms was also published in the report. Generation X was also found to use Facebook and Twitter for interaction purposes more so than their younger peers. The report noted that only 40 per cent of millennials used the social networks to interact with other users’ posts and comment on TV programmes, compared to 42 per cent of 35 to 49-year olds using the network for these purposes.

As social media can be seen to playing an increasing part of consumers’ lives, marketers and content creators must enhance their methods in reaching these audiences.
Social media offers brands a real opportunity to connect with consumers in unique ways; from addressing complaints, to coupon code promotions, to exclusive real-time chats TV stars. Social can be used by brands as a means to drive value and instant ROI.