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Importance of Easter Holidays for Retailers

Importance of Easter Holidays for Retailers

Easter is the second most important day on Christian calendar, and marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days following his execution. It also celebrates the end of Lent – forty-days of fasting and spiritual restraint prior to Easter.

Easter Holidays for Retailers

England celebrates the holiday with events taking place up and down the country during the weekend. Children of all ages will enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt at Kensington Palace and Kew Gardens, while the whole family can embrace the quality time spent together.

Corporations also anticipate that the warmer weather and the forthcoming holiday will bring spring into their businesses. Easter period offers a much-needed increase to food and drink sales as it is like a “mini-Christmas” for consumers. Last year retailers enjoyed a huge seasonal uplift during the four-week period of the festival. Sales of confectionary were up by 41%, while alcoholic beverages saw increased sales of 12%.

Not surprisingly, Easter is the second most popular period of the year for chocolate consumption. Chocolate Easter egg market in Britain is worth £220 million with sales increasing annually, the main reason of which is the improving range of well-designed chocolate delights in shops.

Meanwhile, VisitEngland estimates that the bulk of Easter spending will be on a holiday trips with 2.7 million Britons planning to take at least a single overnight trip within Britain. This is likely to generate over £600 million income, from which around £543 million will be spent in England only.

Although the overall retail sales in 2014 has been a bit down compared to the same period last year, we have no doubt that with a creatively designed integrated marketing strategy your company will perform strongly during the season. What’s your marketing secret this year?


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