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Mediareach Marketing at the IFE

Mediareach Marketing at the IFE

The Mediareach team attended the twentieth edition of the ‘International Food & Drink Event’, eager to seek out trends in the industry and potential marketing prospects with the hundreds of locals and international businesses attending. The IFE is the UK’s Largest gathering of global food & drink buyers and suppliers, connecting every person from every background through a love and appreciation for food across all cultures and those looking to establish their brands as a local household name.

The team were delighted to see so many fresh and innovative businesses enthusiastic to share their unique food brands with the world. We scouted the event for entrepreneurs with raw passion who were seeking guidance on how to edge their product onto store shelves and into people’s homes.

Since 2014 there has been a significant growth in vegan and gluten free diets, with hundreds of stalls advertising related produce. Halal products are also becoming more popular; corresponding with the rise of the Islamic population in the UK.

With Coconut water gaining twenty times more sales compared to just four years ago, many other speciality water brands also seem to have taken off; including cucumber water, watermelon water, and cinnamon water. As such, many stalls focused purely on water-based products, and in a health conscious society, there is clearly lots of room for growth in this market.

Our speciality in multicultural marketing attracted us to several foreign food stalls bursting with potential, and who are pursuing the opportunity of delivering their cuisines to a UK palate. We were overwhelmed by the culturally influenced ingredients and flavours UK consumers could soon be lining up to buy. Our CEO Saad Saraf thoroughly enjoyed the catering experiences and live cooking shows, integrating the consumers into the suppliers businesses.

Mediareach have already begun to explore the companies we spoke to and consider those which showed promise within the Food & Drink sector. We have always enjoyed interacting with businesses on a personal level and since we attended the IFE in 2014, we have seen how the industry has grown and is constantly changing to meet new demands within the UK market.

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